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Though most of my college blogging now happens at College Compass, you can access my college articles and resources below!

College Compass is Here!

After six months of planning, writing, editing, and cursing the speed of my laptop’s Adobe suite, it’s finally here. College Compass, the new homepage of all my college content (plus tons more), has launched! Today, I’m giving you a tour and sharing a few of my favorite articles from the new site!

How to Make the Most of Your First Week at College

Hard as it is to believe, it’s been four years since I started college! I still remember those first few days of orientation like they were just a few weeks ago. During orientation and the early weeks of my first semester, I was excited, inspired, and totally overwhelmed. Nonetheless, I had a great time and got…

College Blogger 101: Part 1 – My Blog Story

As a blogger, I love reading about other people’s blogs, and I even used to write blog traffic and behind-the-scenes reports. But because this isn’t a blog-about-blogging, I eventually removed them and focused on what made this site come alive: posts about my life and experiences, as well as my recommendations and advice for other students. However,…