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Though most of my college blogging now happens at College Compass, you can access my college articles and resources below!

College Prep: Which Clothes to Pack for College

Welcome to College Prep, the blog post series where I help you prepare for your first year of college. Today, we’re tackling which clothes to pack for college! Before I came to college, I spent hours scouring the internet to find out what I needed to pack. One of the areas I especially wanted to ‘get right’…

88 College Tips I Learned in Four Years of College

After four years of college, I've learned a lot (both inside and outside of the classroom)! Today, I'm sharing what I've learned with you in the form of the ULTIMATE list if college tips - 87 tips to help you ace your college years. Save for later and click through to read! - Sara Laughed

In my four years at college, I’ve learned a lot. Not just in classrooms and from textbooks, but also from the experience of living independently, being in a college community, and getting ready for life after my degree. In everything from little, everyday moments like studying with my friends in the library, to the big, memorable…

Going to My “Safety School” Made Me Who I Am

I chose a college I didn't originally want to go to, but it ended up changing my life - and me. Pin for later and click through to read!

I’m Sara, and I’m a senior at a college I didn’t want to go to. May 1st is College Decision Day, where high school seniors select the college they want to attend in the fall. Four years ago, I had a hard time submitting my own decision, because the college I had to choose wasn’t the one I wanted to go to. Many…