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Though most of my college blogging now happens at College Compass, you can access my college articles and resources below!

Why College is Not “One Size Fits All”

Let's give up on the myth. College isn't the same for everyone, and that's a good thing! Read here to find out why.

I still remember the exact moment I decided to take a gap year. I wrote the last sentence of my college application essay, shut my laptop, and burst into tears. “Sweetie, what’s wrong?” my dad asked when I walked into his room. “I can’t do this anymore,” I said. “I can’t go to college right…

The Ultimate Guide to College Motivation

The ULTIMATE guide to getting motivated in college. Set yourself up for a great semester! Save now and click through to read. - Sara Laughed

Motivation is the foundation for success. College motivation is especially important, because with the pressure of academics and the non-stop nature of the semester, we quickly run out of steam. I’ve written about college motivation before in my college eBook, but today I thought I’d share how to get motivated for a new semester (or the…

14 Productivity Hacks for College Students

Staying productive in college is HARD, but if you can do it, you'll get better grades, more free time, and less stress in the end. Check out these 14 productivity hacks for college students by everyone from college bloggers to startup CEO's. Save now and click through to read the full article!

Productivity is something I struggle with. I head to the library with a full backpack and the best of intentions, and then I get distracted by a friend, my phone, or the internet. A five-minute study break turns into a twenty-minute Pinterest session. Before I know it, three hours have gone by and I’ve done…

How to Budget Time in College

Learn how to budget your time in college in a few simple steps! Takes less than 10 minutes, and it'll change your life! College tips by Sara Laughed

Welcome to the third week in our #ptmclass – the free productivity and time management (PTM) workshop that I’m co-hosting with Kayla Blogs and Dani Dearest! For the month of October, Kayla, Dani, and I will be improving our productivity and time management together and help you do the same. Today, I’m showing you how…