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Wanderlist: Where I’ve Been

I love to travel – new places, new foods, new cities. Recently, I saw a blogger compile a list of all the countries she had been to and all the ones she wanted to see before she turned 30. I was so inspired by her beautiful pictures that I wanted to share my own “Wanderlist” with you. I hesitated, though. I know how incredibly lucky I am to lead an international life, and it is a privilege that I try not to take lightly. I didn’t want to share this in a way that felt like pride – rather, I am so grateful for these many experiences, and if they interest you, I would be honored to share them.

So instead of making a laundry list, I thought I’d set up a blog “travel directory,” with photos and funny stories for all the places I’ve been. For each one, I’ll share when I was there, where I went, a favorite memory, and a funny moment. If relevant, I’ll include a blog post. I hope it makes you smile, or maybe even satisfies some of your own wanderlust – at least for an afternoon.

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