Be the student you always knew you could be.

Book Cover: How to Succeed in College

I haven’t always been a good student. In my freshman year of high school, I was getting a D in the lowest-level math class in my school.

This past June, I finished my year abroad at Oxford University, where I got an A in every class.

Through my blog, I’ve received dozens of emails asking how I did it. So I decided to write an eBook to share with you everything I’ve learned in a way that’s accessible and easy. This isn’t your average guide to college. This is a collection of advice from someone who’s been there, who knows what you’re going through, and who is ready to share everything she’s learned with you.

Whether you’re a straight-A student looking to hone her skills or a college freshman with no idea of what to expect, this guide is for you.

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Succeeding in college doesn't have to be difficult.

When I came to university, I was completely overwhelmed. There are so many facets to the American college experience to deal with, from getting motivated to writing a college paper to taking your first final exam. How to Succeed in College is an 80-page guide to every aspect of my college process, broken down into actionable steps.

What you'll learn.

Other people say

I read the eBook and, let me tell you, it’s a life changer. The easy to read eBook format allows you to take it anywhere and literally use it as your guide book no matter where you are on campus. The best part about this book, though, is that Sara keeps it relatable and encourages you to try the exercises along with her.

Kayla at Kayla Blogs

Point being, this will change the way that you work in your classes- I can almost promise absolutely that if you apply all the tactics shared in Sara’s book, you’ll end your school year more organized and with better grades than ever before!

Courtney at As We Stumble Along

Every time I reference [the eBook], the positive energy inside makes me feel like I could climb a mountain, or run a marathon (both of which are things I cannot actually do). She strikes just the right balance in her writing, and all her advice is rock solid... If you want to succeed when you get to campus, this eBook will help you do it.

Megan at Living Between the Lines

Besides giving me a few new tips for my academic toolbox, [Sara's] Ebook emphasizes how possible it is for anyone to not only survive, but thrive

at college. In class, in clubs and with the crew. And that's no laughing matter.
Casey at Casey the College Celiac

Sara, goes above and beyond providing advice, and instead provides a step by step guide on how to conquer some of the most difficult aspects of college work. This book has it all. An in depth guide how to find motivation, how to schedule classes, taking notes in class, writing the perfect essay, reading different types of books, and dealing with stress. Seriously, this is so worth the money. Sara knows her stuff.

Dani at Dani Dearest

I loved this eBook. Honestly, one of the best books about college and how to reach academic success (and I've read many).

Ally at Preppy Little Lesbian

I wholeheartedly believe every incoming freshman, or every college student in general, can learn something from this book! Do yourself a favor and get the semester started off on the right foot!

Hayden at My Life as Hayden

You all know I don’t promote something that I don’t support – so believe me when I say that this is the best resource I’ve found all in one place for achieving academic success.

Morgan at Mostly Morgan

So what's inside the eBook?

10 full-length chapters, filled to the brim with information and exercises that will help you succeed in college

  1. Introduction

    A little bit about my story and why I chose to write this book.

  2. Motivation

    This chapter outlines different strategies for getting motivated for your semester. I also include tips for motivating yourself long-term, and advice for when you lose your motivation.

  3. Scheduling

    This chapter goes over how to choose classes and extracurricural activities for a balanced schedule that will still fulfill your major and distribution requirements.

  4. Organization

    This chapter includes updated and expanded content from one of my most popular posts, The Ultimate Guide to College Organization. I go over choosing and using a planner, keeping track of papers and assignments, and how to annotate a syllabus.

  5. In Class

    In this chapter, I go over how to make the most out of class time using different note-taking techniques and class participation. I also talk about processing information after class for better retention later!

  6. Reading

    This chapter goes over my reading strategies for four different kinds of college reading, as well as time management techniques and how I take reading notes.

  7. Procrastination

    In this chapter, I go over four different kinds of procrastination I have experienced, and how to address and conquer each of them. I also give two short pep talks for different kinds of learners.

  8. Essays

    This chapter is a thoroughly expanded version of my guide to How to Write the Perfect College Essay. In it, I walk you through every step of my process and each section of your paper. I also devote some time to the editing process, with questions you need to ask yourself to make your essay as strong as possible.

  9. Studying and Exams

    This chapter covers my strategy for studying for exams, from time management to tips on focusing to finding the perfect study spot.

  10. Balance

    This chapter is one of my favorites, and goes over how I manage to keep it all together when I’m so focused on school. I give tips for self-care, talk about how to sleep better and how to deal with stress.

Frequently asked questions

What makes this guide different from other college guides?

It’s written by a current college student. Unlike many guides to college, this guide is written by someone who is where you are. It’s not a lecture by a parent; it’s a pep talk from your best friend.

I’m nervous to start college life. Will this book help me?

Yes. This book is designed for students at any stage of their college career, but gives special attention to the concerns of new students. For example, it has sections how to plan a schedule and how to do college-level work if you never have before.

I’m not a typically “good student.” How do I know this book is for me?

Just because you used to struggle in school doesn’t mean you will now. This book breaks down every step of my college process, and better yet, gives you easy steps and simple activities that will help you get on the right track, no matter where your starting point is.

I’m already a “good student.” What does this guide have to offer me?

We all have something to learn from each other. As a college student, I still learn new tips and tricks every day from the students around me. This is a collection of the best advice that I have to offer, and no matter where you are in your college journey, it will have something for you.

I’m afraid this book will only add pressure to achieve.

I’m very aware of the enormous pressure that there is to achieve in school, especially in the United States. It’s something I’ve dealt with a lot, myself! That’s why I have an entire chapter in this book dedicated to balance and self-care for college students. There is also self-care advice scattered throughout the guide.

Grades are not, and should never be, the most important thing in your life. This guide recognizes that, and will still help you perform to the best of your ability – without acting like that’s all there is to life.

I’ve read your free guides to college online. Why would I pay to read more?
I go to college outside of the States. Is this book for me?

This eBook is designed to apply to the American college process. While I studied abroad in England, the system there is very different to the American college system, and this eBook is designed especially for college students in the United States. There will be tips and advice for all kinds of learning, but please be aware that if you study outside of the United States, not all the information will be equally relevant to you.

I care about helping other college students learn and perform their best. That’s why I have free guides online to many aspects of my college process. This guide is different.

First, it contains pages upon pages of new information. My chapters on motivation, scheduling, class time, college reading, procrastination, and balance are completely new. They feature content that has never before been published, on my blog or anywhere else. The only two chapters that use information from my blog posts have been expanded and updated, to bring you the very best information and advice.

Second, this guide is laid out to be easily accessible. It comes in a handy PDF format, and can be printed or read on a device like a laptop, iPad, or iPhone. It has been especially created and formatted to be read as an eBook, and can be skimmed or read cover-to-cover.

Last, it’s not just an 800-word guide to one aspect of American college life. It’s 80 pages of content about everything from getting motivated before school starts, to taking your final exams. It contains every aspect of my college process, from start to finish, in easily readable and applicable steps. All in one downloadable guide.