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Read about my life and lessons, from my gap year through college to post-grad life abroad.

Minimalism, and the Thing About Things

I’ve never been much of a minimalist. From the ages of 12 to 17, my primary goal in life seemed to be to accumulate things. Nail polishes, pairs of earrings, books to read, crafts supplies. Once, on a trip to Prague with my aunt, I bought twelve different pashminas. All for me. Did you hear me? Twelve….

Date With Myself

I don’t like to be alone. Back in college, I did all my work in common spaces, so that whether I was focusing on a paper or studying for an exam, I could do it around other people. I loved my dorm community, where I spent every dinner, every evening, every weekend surrounded by friends….

Unpacking the Last Box: On First Homes and Leveling Up

First Home - Sara Laughed

There’s a scene in Pixar’s The Incredibles where the mom of the superhero family, Helen, talks about unpacking the last box. Her family had moved a few years ago, if I remember right, but it had taken her years to get to that last box of stuff. Now that she had, they were finally all moved in. When…

What It’s Really Like to Move Abroad After Graduation

When you leave your life behind to move to Europe after graduation, you get a lot of the same questions. “What about your family?” (I’ll miss them, and we’ll be okay.) “How long will you be gone?” (Indefinitely.) And, my favorite: “Do you think it will be hard?” I was never sure how people wanted…

Belgium and Bedrest // Love and Liefs

Dear Shannon, I hope that your break back home was nice, and that you’re not having too much trouble adjusting to Wellesley. I got a notification from Facebook this morning with photos from this day last year, when my friends and I had a picnic in the lawn behind McAfee to celebrate the start of…