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Read about my life and lessons, from my gap year through college to post-grad life abroad.

Dutch vs. American Makeup + Tips for Finding Your Own Style

Eyeliner. Dutch vs American Makeup - Sara Laughed

I love experimenting with my style. Whether it’s my clothes, decor, or makeup, I like trying new things as a way to get to know myself better. Sometimes something sticks, like colorful day dresses, which were my go-to outfit choice for about four years. Sometimes it doesn’t, like the three weeks I tried to dress vaguely bohemian and…

My February Goals Mid-Month Update

As you all know, I’m a pretty goal-oriented person. For the last two months, I’ve been sharing my monthly goals and updates on this blog to hold myself accountable, because, frankly, nothing gets done without accountability (at least, if you’re me — if Ken doesn’t ask about my least favorite to-do’s, I consider it a free…

My New Life // Love and Liefs

Dear Shannon, I had so much fun Skyping with you last week, and am getting really excited about starting up Love and Liefs again. Since our last posts in this series, you and I have traded places: you went from your study abroad experience in Amsterdam back to Wellesley, and I graduated from Wellesley and moved…