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Read about my life and lessons, from my gap year through college to post-grad life abroad.

Welcome Home: My First Days in the Netherlands

For the last few weeks, my life and activities have all pointed towards one thing: moving. Whether I was driving to the doctor to get my transfer file, saying goodbye to my friends, or checking my business mailbox one last time, I always had the upcoming move on my mind. By the time Monday rolled around, I felt…

My College Room Tour

My College Room Tour - Sara Laughed

As I mentioned in my January goals update earlier this week, I’ve been spending a lot of time in my room lately. More specifically, I’ve been cleaning it. With quite a few college move-in and move-out days behind me, I’ve gotten used to packing all my stuff into boxes, but the unpacking has been harder….


Sometimes, it feels like everything happens all at once. For example, over the summer there was an eleven day period in which I: turned 23, became an American citizen, incorporated my business, launched a website, and got my license (took me long enough). And then there are times when it feels like I’m stuck. It’s…

Revisiting My Semester Goals // Love and Liefs

Dear Shannon, I hope you’re having a wonderful time together with your boyfriend right now! It was so lovely to read all about the things you’re grateful for, not just in your most recent blog post but also on your Instagram all month long. Your posts always make my day! I’m having a great time at home…