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Encouragement for bettering yourself and savoring the moment. Enjoying your life doesn’t come from having it all together, but from appreciating what you have. These posts cover self-love, relationships, seizing the day, and savoring each season.

Cute Valentine’s Day Ideas to Make the Holiday Your Own

Cute Valentine's Day Ideas to Make the Holiday Your Own

Some people call it a “Hallmark holiday,” and say that it’s set up to sell cards and candy. Others complain about the authenticity of one day that focuses on love, when every day is a chance to celebrate your loved one! But Valentine’s Day is still one of the most popular holidays of the year, and I’ve…

Authentic Ways to Build Lasting Self-Love

Authentic Ways to Build Lasting Self-Love - Sara Laughed

Self-love is a skill, a habit, and a way of life. Loving yourself is easier said than done: training our minds to be kinder to ourselves counteracts years of engrained behavioral patterns. But as a result of loving ourselves, we are better able to love others. When I’m not consumed with hatred and criticism towards myself, I’m…

Epiphany Activities and Ideas

· Fun and creative ways to celebrate the season of Epiphany ·

Epiphany Activities and Ideas - Sara Laughed

The current liturgical season is Epiphany. Epiphany is, first, a holiday observed on January 6th, and is also known as Three Kings Day. It commemorates the arrival of the wise men to see Jesus, and in a bigger-picture sense, the manifestation of Jesus. It is also the season that lasts for weeks after that day; some Christian denominations call…

Ways to Enjoy Winter Once the Holidays are Over

I don’t love winter. Give me December any day — the twinkly lights, the holiday atmosphere, and the promise of snow all get me excited. But once January 2nd rolls around, I start resenting the snow and aching for spring. It’s almost as though, once the holidays have passed, we all decide that it’s back to…

My February Goals and How I Did in January

Since I graduated from college a few months back, I’ve been really focused on goals. I’ve always been pretty goal-oriented; in high school, my top extracurricular was basically making to do lists. But now that I don’t have assignments and exams to keep track of, I’m looking at goals in a new way; making them…