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Guides for giving back and getting involved. From service to politics to becoming more active in your community, these posts offer resources and encouragement for bettering the world around you.

Ethical Activewear: My 3 Favorite Companies for Plus Size Ethical Work Out Clothes

· These conscious companies are doing their part to make exercise inclusive and ethical. ·

Throughout college I regularly did pilates videos in my room, took classes at the student sports center, and religiously used my Fitbit to track my daily activity and steps. Now that I’ve graduated, I’m taking it a step further: after spending a few months with a personal trainer, I’m using different programs to work out…

Why We are Better Together

Today I’m partnering with Interfaith Youth Core in light of Better Together Day, where students can share their stories about how, in America, we are truly better together. You can learn more about Better Together Day here. Names in the story below have been changed. Four months ago, on Election Night, 2016, I walked down…

Plus Size Ethical Clothing: The Updated Ultimate Guide

For years, plus size ethical clothing felt impossible to find. Fair trade clothes are already a niche market; asking ethical fashion companies that barely break even to add new patterns and models to their collections just didn’t seem realistic. I know this from personal experience; when I became interested in ethical fashion a few years ago, it…

How to Call Your Representatives: A Guide for First-Time Callers

How to Call Your Representatives: A Guide for First-Time Callers - Sara Laughed

Since November, I’ve been setting the intention to regularly call my representatives. I’m not alone; in the last few months, thousands more people than usual have been calling Congress, leaving lines jammed. If you’re a US citizen or resident concerned about political issues, you have a right to call and make your voice heard. Calling can…

18 Ways to Be an Engaged Citizen

16 Ways to Be an Engaged Citizen

With the presidential election behind us and the inauguration today, I’ve spent a big chunk of the last few months thinking about citizenship. I became an American citizen last summer, after spending twenty years in the U.S. as a permanent resident. I love this country despite its many problems, and I’m passionate about living up…