Free Library

Hey friend! Thanks so much for being a part of Sara Laughed. I am so glad to have you here, and to get to share these awesome resources and printables with you. This resource library is updated regularly with new freebies and information, so be sure to check back often!

  • College Clothing Packing List
    Download this list to help you pack your clothes for college!
  • The College Motivation Worksheet Packet
    This packet of five worksheets will help you get and stay motivated this semester!
  • The Overcoming Perfectionism Workbook
    This 10-page workbook is chock-full of worksheets, guidance, and thoughtful questions to help you overcome perfectionism!
  • Best College Apps and Websites Checklist
    This checklist expands upon the 'best apps and websites' blogpost and gives you a list to go through youtself!
  • Semester-at-a-Glance Printable
    This printable will help you keep track of upcoming assignments and due dates!
  • Weekly Planning Printable
    This weekly planning printable will help you schedule and plan your day!
  • Assignment List
    This simple and easy-to-use assignment list will help you keep track of your assignments and upcoming due dates.
  • Choosing College Classes Worksheet (From Periscope)
    This worksheet set goes along with my Periscope broadcast on choosing college classes.