Our Wedding Details: Invitations, Vow Books, and More

Hi guys! I’m back today with the second post in my wedding series, about the special wedding details that went into our celebration. If you’d like to read part one, about getting ready on the morning of the wedding, take a look at yesterday’s post. You can also see what’s coming up next in the

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Our Wedding: Getting Ready with my Bridesmaids

Okay, funny story: I started blogging at Sara Laughed on February 5th, 2012. I was getting ready to leave for the Netherlands to explore the world and ‘find my roots’ during my gap year, but I hated packing — so, to procrastinate, I started a blog. (It was 2012. We all started a blog that

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Our Wedding: The Civil Ceremony

Dutch law is a lot stricter than American law about where you can get married. In the US, you can be married in your backyard and have the officiant be a cousin who just got ordained this morning. Here, only some places are approved as official wedding venues, and only a handful of people per

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