Our Wedding: The Civil Ceremony

Dutch law is a lot stricter than American law about where you can get married. In the US, you can be married in your backyard and have the officiant be a cousin who just got ordained this morning. Here, only some places are approved as official wedding venues, and only a handful of people per

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I Tried and Tested an Eight-Ways-to-Wear-It Dress

As I’ve mentioned in my two most recent blog posts, I’m currently redefining — and redesigning — my wardrobe. I’ve never had a Clueless-sized closet with rows and rows of clothes. But I realized back in August that my closet was too big: many of my clothes didn’t fit my body, my tastes, or my lifestyle anymore,

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How to Clean Out Your Closet with a Closet Audit

Back in August, I realized I had a huge problem: my closet. I’m not talking about mess, or not finding anything to wear, or my clothes having stains and holes — I’m talking about all of the above. I had spent the last few years wearing clothes I didn’t love, that didn’t fit, and I

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