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Dear Shannon,

Thank you so much for keeping up our correspondence while I slowly crumbled under the weight of my midterms. As you know (and mentioned), I’m finishing up my Advent book, and when I wasn’t working on that I was working on my paper, and when I wasn’t working on that I was studying for my midterm. My blog’s been a bit of a ghost town for the last few weeks as a result. Since you’re dealing with finals right now, I know you get the feeling!

Despite how stressed I’ve been, it’s been a really fun and eventful few weeks. I’ve been fulfilling my wish of going into Boston more, and have gone to Harvard Divinity School, the Boston Public Library, Old South Church, and the MFA (I’m just a little bit nerdy). I have plans with friends for a few other events this semester, including a jack o’ lantern festival and a Pentatonix concert.

Right now is also election season here in the U.S., and especially here at Wellesley, it’s a total frenzy. Because Wellesley is Hillary’s alma mater, many of the students and alums are especially invested in this election and in Hillary’s campaign. For me personally, this election goes even beyond the Wellesley connection and the potential for our first female president; it was honestly just an enormous moment for me to vote at all. I became a citizen this August, after two decades of living in the US and having been invested in this country for most of my life. The moment where I got to cast my vote for president as the first person in my family to do so was really moving for me!

I’ve also been hard at work on my Advent book. I had told myself that I needed to be done by the 16th of October, but my hard deadline is the 31st, so I’m working hard to make sure that I can finish in time. I have most of it done, but am lagging on the last few sections for reasons that are not totally clear to me! Part of it is definitely the level of distraction here at Wellesley; because I’m also juggling classes, being Vice President of my dorm community, and a few other extracurricular commitments, it’s hard to hunker down and really focus on this. But by the next time I send you a letter, it should be done!

That’s all for now. I hope that you’re adjusting well to being back in the Netherlands after all that travel, and I wish you so much luck with finals!

Love and Liefs,


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