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I’m a busy person – with my blog, my job, and my schoolwork, I’m constantly doing something. I struggle to balance each of those areas of my life while still taking care of myself. While I manage to keep my head above water without planning ahead, my life would be much more manageable – and enjoyable! – if it were more balanced. I need a structure and routine. I need better time management.

Time management is not just a problem for me, but for almost all college students. For many of us, college is the first time that we are entirely responsible for ourselves. There is no one to tell us when to do homework, to force us to eat our broccoli, or to make us go to bed. All those choices are now in our hands. As a result, we make questionable decisions when it comes to how we spend our time. Un-learning those bad habits can be hard, especially when doing it alone.

Free online time management and productivity workshop for college students!

I want to improve, and I want us to improve together. For that reason, this October, two fabulous bloggers and I will be hosting a productivity and time management workshop. Every Monday at Sara Laughed, I’ll be sharing themed blog posts with information, inspiration, and exercises, as well as documenting my own progress. I’m partnering with two amazing college bloggers: Kayla over at Kayla Blogs and Dani over at Dani Dearest. Kayla will be posting every Wednesday, and Dani every Friday. Together, we’ll be sharing lots of great information on everything from mastering your mornings to blocking your time!

It gets better. On Facebook, there will be a group for anyone who wants to join us in this challenge! The group will have worksheets and printables that coordinate with the blog posts; there will be prompts, check-ins, and a discount code for my eBook for the first 25 people who join. You’ll get to connect with Dani, Kayla, and me, and I’ll also be doing one coaching call with up to ten members who are interested in personalized support and advice. If you’d like to join, we would love to have you! It’s totally free. You can do so here!

Here’s the layout of our month.

  • Week 1: Prep week. (9/28-10/4) Understand your habits, get inspired, and make goals for the month. The first post for this will be up on Monday.
  • Week 2: Mastering your mornings! (10/5-10/11) Become a morning person and learn how to make the most out of the start of your day.
  • Week 3: Planning and the 8/8/8 method. (10/12-10/18) Figure out how to balance your life between school, work, play, and sleep. Learn one of the best methods for this and then tweak it for yourself!
  • Week 4: Time management. (10/19-10/25) Learn to block your hours, stick to your scheduling, and make the most out of your time. We’ll be trying out different methods so you can find what works best for you.
  • Week 5: Balance. (10/26-10/31) Time management is worth nothing if you’re not enjoying your life. This week, we’ll be talking about making time for you, and finding ways to balance between being productive and living your life.

We’re so excited to have you joining us. Head over to our Facebook page to get started. Let’s go.

Love, Sara Laughed

Sara Laughed

Hey hey! I'm Sara, an American writer living in the Netherlands and working as a product manager.

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