Bible Journaling Headers: How I Make Book Headers in My Bible

Bible journaling headers

One of the ways that I get inspired for Bible journaling is through a Facebook group I’m part of. People post photos of their work to the group to inspire others. I don’t post there often, but when I do, my most appreciated posts are always my Bible journaling headers.

I love narrowing down on a theme or focal point of a book and finding a way to illustrate it. This is how I do that – by illustrating the top few inches of the first page of each book. While I’ve only done a handful of books so far, they’ve had such a positive response that I thought it would be fun to share my process here. In this post, I’ll go over how I do these Bible journaling book headers and show you some of my work!

For the tutorial, please head over to the new Seasons Illustrated site!

Bible journaling headers

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  1. dANIELA says:

    I had been trying for months to dive into the word, but it was so hard for me to stay focused. But ever since I started bible journaling, I just can’t stop! thank you for the help!!

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