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I’m participating in this week’s One Word Wednesday challenge again, with the theme project. I’m also using it as a means of apology for the very short updates lately: you see, my “project” is finals.

My finals this semester consist of four college papers and one exam, so I just haven’t had the time to write well thought-out or sentimental posts about the end of the year or Mother’s Day, which I really wanted to do. Right now I still have 1 1/2 papers and the exam left, but I’m getting there.

Another “project” I have going now, with the end of the semester fast approaching, is goodbye cards for my roommates and friends.

I was woken up early by the Environmentalist this morning and was about to hide my face under my pillow when I realized she was leaving.

Like, moving out. Of our room. Forever.

Cue the nostalgia.

I feel really grateful for the experiences I’ve had this year and for the people that I’ve met. I’m also excited to share more about them, and about my life, when I return home next week. But for now, I need to hit the books, hug my friends goodbye, and cry a little over my life choices (WHY did I put off my work this late??). Wish me luck.

With love,


PS: For those of you who have missed my sense of humor and general eccentricities in the last few weeks, let me tell you a story. After spending a few days working at a friend’s house this weekend, I was sleep-deprived to the point of other-worldliness last night, as well as stressed as all get-out over finals.

The Illustrator and I were calling on Skype, and he was trying to tell me a funny story, but Skype kept freezing every time he reached the punchline. As he froze for the sixth time, I said in frustration, “This makes me so mad that I want to rip my pants apart!”, hulk-style.

As he laughed, he froze again, and my sleep-deprived mind thought to itself, “You know what would be really funny?”

I… just…
It’s finals. Please don’t judge me.


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