7 Ways to Create Peace in Your Every Day

I’m a go-getter. I draft. I plan. I send follow-up emails (yes, sometimes more than one).

It may not surprise you that I have a hard time sitting still.

In some ways, I value these qualities. They help me make the most out of my short time on this earth. On the other hand, I also appreciate the peace that comes when I have little to do; on a warm summer night walking around the park with a friend, or when I’m lying in bed, letting my thoughts drift into the night. At this stage in my life, I’m trying to find a way to incorporate that restfulness into my every day, which is often hectic and busy. I want to approach my days with grace and gratitude – not with the constant desire to be doing something else, something more.

Over the past few years, I’ve developed a few tips for living with a restful attitude. I am no expert, just someone finding joy in the journey to a more balanced life. Here are seven ways to create peace in your every day life.

1. Create peace with time spent in nature

My dad is a pilgrim. Almost every year, he takes a few weeks out of his schedule and backpacks through Spain on a pilgrimage called the Camino de Santiago. He finds immense peace and self-discovery during that time, but not everyone needs to travel to Spain to get the same frame of mind. Nature is all around us; even bustling cities often have parks that allow for a little fresh air. I find that spending time in these spaces – wandering through trails, strolling through the park, or even sitting in my back yard – brings me immense peace when I’m otherwise feeling stressed and disconnected.

2. Create peace with deep breathing

Have you ever taken a deep breath in the middle of a hectic moment? I find that deep breathing brings me so much calm when I’m stressed or anxious. Give it a try – close your eyes, place your hand on your stomach, and try to breathe deeply enough that your hand moves as you inhale and exhale. This kind of deep breathing me helps to relax and focus on where I am in this moment, rather than worrying about what I’ll do later.

3. Create peace by keeping an eye on caffeine

Like Summer, I love coffee. I could drink three cups a day if you’d let me. However, I’ve noticed over the years that too much coffee or tea makes me anxious. The limit is different for everyone, but if you notice yourself being more jumpy or jittery than usual, consider cutting down your caffeine by just one less cup a day. This can make a surprising difference in your mood, and help achieve some inner calm in an otherwise busy schedule.

4. Create peace with physical activity

One of the best ways to get peace of mind is to exercise. It gets your heart rate up and your body working, but it’s also a great way to center yourself or get rid of any extra anxiety that may be lingering. Yoga, swimming, and running are some great ways to get yourself moving, but there are plenty of other great ways to get active that leave you feeling refreshed. Even taking a walk is a great way to get moving.

5. Create peace through time spent with others

Nothing makes my day like time spent with a friend. They help me relax, regain perspective, and have fun. One of the best ways to achieve a peaceful day to day life is to make time for your social life, by spending time with friends, family, and the people who mean the most to you.

6. Create peace by unplugging

I’m a true internet addict. I’m always checking my phone and my computer for new email and social media messages. However, I notice that if I get too sucked in and I start giving my online life too much weight, my real life suffers. A big part of having a peaceful day to day life, for me, is taking some time away from the internet every now and then. Resist the urge to check your online profiles, and instead, spend some time reading a book or, as I mentioned above, being with those you love.

7. Create peace through prayer, mindfulness, or meditation

Quiet time spent with you and your thoughts can be so important. I find special comfort in prayer, but if you’re not religious, mindfulness or meditation may be helpful for you. This time is a great moment for grounding yourself and becoming aware of where you are in your life. I find that prayer and daily mindfulness exercises help me make the most out of my day and stay grateful for this gift of a life.

My days are by no means perfect. I still get as stressed out and anxious as the next girl. However, I find that using these practices when I can helps me stay calm and focused, and lets me make the most out of every day. I hope they do the same for you.

How do you create peace in your every day life?

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