My February Goals and How I Did in January

Since I graduated from college a few months back, I’ve been really focused on goals. I’ve always been pretty goal-oriented; in high school, my top extracurricular was basically making to do lists. But now that I don’t have assignments and exams to keep track of, I’m looking at goals in a new way; making them more personal and more tailored to what matters most in my life. Today I’m sharing my February goals, as well as a wrap-up of how I did in January.

My January Goals Wrap-Up

Meet regularly with a personal trainer and get into a fitness routine

I did it! For four weeks, I met twice per week with my personal trainer at a brand-new gym. By the third week, I could already feel some changes in my condition and even in my strength when it came to weight lifting. I’m really glad that I committed to this goal because I also noticed a big difference in how active I wanted to be and in how much I enjoyed exercising.

Clean out my room before I move

I managed to get this one together, too! Last week, I moved to the Netherlands, and one of my biggest priorities before I moved was making sure that my childhood bedroom was clean after years of moving in and out of it through college. I spent several days deep cleaning and am really happy with how it turned out; you can see pictures here.

Refocus my creative vision and finish up a few projects

This was the most loosely-defined goal I had for January, and also the one that I did least well (coincidence? I think not). I did do all the things I listed in my mid-month reflection, like finishing the Love Illustrated study for my Bible journaling site, Seasons Illustrated, and coming up with a new plan for my other websites, College Compass and Sara Laughed going forward. In the future, I’ll be sure to define my goals more clearly so that I have a clearer picture of success at the end of the month.

My February Goals

Get into a work routine and work less on the weekends

One of the problems about being a blogger is that it’s easy to let your professional life and your personal life blend seamlessly. For me, that often means that I’m working at all hours, from right after waking up to right before bed, even on weekends. This month, one of my February goals is to establish a regular work routine that involves set “on” and “off” hours. I would also really like to cultivate a life where I don’t work on the weekends, or work very little. This month, my goals are to work set hours every day from 10 to 5, and to work 2 hours or less on Saturday and Sunday.

Find a church and attend every week

My church back in my hometown is one of the best things about coming home for me. I’m eager to find another community in my new city that I love as much. I’ve done some online searching but want to commit this month to testing it out. If it’s a good fit, I plan to attend every week, and if it’s not, then I’ll try different churches each Sunday.

Find a new gym and start working out 2 to 3 times per week

I loved working out regularly in January, but in the last week since I’ve moved, I’ve had a hard time getting myself to exercise. I want to make sure I don’t lose my progress, so this February I want to commit to finding a gym and going 2-3 times per week.

Finish up a lot of the administrative work from moving

Finally, I have the biggest monster of all my goals this month: administration. Moving abroad entails a lot of admin and paperwork, from getting the Dutch equivalent of a Social Security Number, to getting health insurance, to getting a new cell phone number. I have a checklist of these things that I need to do this month, and I’m going to work hard on completing them in the next few weeks so I don’t drag them into March.

I hope that I will have a productive and happy spring if I accomplish these goals in February. Do you have any February goals? What are they? Let me know in the comments!

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