Indoor Snow Day: How to Make Magic on a Budget

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You may remember that I shared a post on making an indoor camping night a few months ago. Ken loved the surprise — not only because we got to have pizza and hot chocolate, but also because I’m usually terrible at keeping surprises, and this was one I actually did right. Better yet, I spent less than $20 on the whole night — so I was eager to try to do it again.

Since the last night was themed around fall, it only seemed right to make this one based around winter. And what’s more wintery than a snow day?

The idea for this one was pretty simple: I brought two twin mattresses into the living room again and placed them side-by-side, with white sheets and pillows. Next, I decorated the window with paper snowflakes and strings of cotton balls.

Additionally, I made a few snowflake ballerinas using this template.

We don’t have a fireplace, but I wanted to make the night feel appropriately cozy, so as a bit of a half-joke, I put on Netflix’s crackling log movie to add some ambiance. Ken thought it was great when he came home, and even though I suggested watching a classic Star Wars film, we ended up watching  a cheesy Christmas movie for a blog post that’s coming out soon.

In the end, the surprise was small — what was special wasn’t the quality of the decorations or the idea, but the fact that I had put effort into making that night feel special. I only spent around $10 this time, so it was also a really cost-effective way to create a memorable Friday night.

If you’re interested in creating a similar kind of DIY night on a budget, check out my post on my indoor camping night for some tips on how to keep costs low. And let me know in the comments: have you ever done something like this?

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