Happy Thanksgiving! Thankville, Week 4

Happy Thanksgiving! Welcome to the fourth and final of Thankville

Thankville is a family-friendly craft-along in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. But what the heck is a craft-along mystery? Well, it’s the story that unfolds as our main character explores her world — and every week, as she wanders through a new part of town and finds a new clue, you get a free printable craft to follow along. As Dot discovers Thankville, you bring it to life, collecting town buildings to fill in your map and bring the town together in time for Thanksgiving.

This Week’s Free Printable: Dorothey’s House

This is the third week of Thankville, and this week’s free printable is Dorothey’s, which you can download here! To be on the mailing list for future free Thankville printables, sign up here!

Thankville — a shot of the whole town

If you’re following along with the full Thankville collection (which you can buy here for $20), then this week you can put out:

  • Gratitude Gazebo
  • Cornucopia College
  • Fall Hall

If you’d like to buy the full Thankville collection, you can right here!

Purchase the Full Thankville Collection!

This Week’s Story Portion

Davie and I ran hand-in-hand to the gazebo, our parents trailing behind. Once we got there, I looked around. Were were the only ones in the town square, and not far from where we were standing was Grandma Dorothey’s  house. I got a weird feeling in my chest. I missed her, and seeing her house hurt. I hadn’t been inside since last summer.

“Where do you think the next clue is?” Davie asked.

“I don’t know,” I muttered.

“What’s wrong?” he asked. Our parents arrived, my dad panting worse than before.

“I just miss her,” I said, and my voice broke just a little.

“But don’t you see?” Davie asked. “She’s still here. She left us these clues so we would remember. She’s always with us.”

“Yeah,” I said. I knew Grandma Dorothey would always be in my heart, but it didn’t make me feel any better. I just missed her. I wanted to be near her again.

“Let’s look for the last clue,” my mom said. “Maybe that’ll help.”

We started looking around the  gazebo — on the bench inside, hidden in the lanterns, and even between the floorboards. But we didn’t see anything. Then I spotted it — a wooden box, hidden under the stairs to the gazebo.

“I found something!” I yelled, and my family gathered round. I reached to grab the chest, and opened it up. Inside was a whole stack of paper. On top was a letter, which I read out loud.

Dear Dot,

I’m so happy you found the last item. Well done! This step is a little different than the others. I’m not writing to give you a clue. Instead, I’m giving you a house: mine.

After the community center burned down a few years ago, I wanted to turn my home into the new center, a place where everyone in Thankville could gather together for community events. I know that you’re too young to take over those plans, but I also know that you, Davie, and your mom and dad, are the perfect people to carry on my legacy and love for this town. For that reason, I’m leaving the house — and all my plans for it — to you. The other papers in this box are all my plans and all the papers you need to make the house the new community center.

I love you always, and I’m always with you.

With love,

Grandma Dorothey

Three weeks later, on Thanksgiving Day, we opened Dorothey’s House, the new Thankville community center. As all our friends, neighbors, and fellow Thankville residents gathered round the large table in what used to be Grandma’s ding room, we all said what we were Thankful for.

“I’m thankful for our town,” Davie said. “Without you guys helping us set up, this wouldn’t have happened.”

It was my turn next. I took a second to think before speaking.

“I’m thankful for everyone here, most especially Grandma Dorothey, who I know is watching from somewhere. On my birthday a few weeks ago, I wished to have one last sign from her — something to keep her close. And I got more than that. She gave me— well, us — a place where her love for Thankville and for all of us can stay forever. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.”

Thankville — a house

If you liked this free printable, the weekly story portion, or the pictures of other printables (like the train above!) there’s still time to buy the full collection and immerse yourself in the story. Download all 12 buildings, the map, and a guide here! And either way, thank you for joining us and happy Thanksgiving season!

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