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Dear Shannon,

I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing so much yelling! I apologize on behalf of my home country. I’m glad you can take it with a hint of humor!

This week has been good and bad for me. Late last week, on Thursday and Friday, I had the immense joy of flying to DC for a presidential summit (officially, the Sixth Annual President’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge Fall Gathering; say that five times fast!). I got to know a few new friends and also see a little bit of DC before we flew back to Wellesley. When I got back, though, I was fighting off a cold, writing papers, and sleeping too little, so I wasn’t as well-rested as I should have been for my flight to Chicago on Wednesday!

The summit was a really great experience, but not for the reasons I expected. It was held at Gallaudet University, which has led higher-level education for deaf and hard-of-hearing students in the United States since the nineteenth century. Being on that campus itself was really inspiring, in part because of Gallaudet’s important history, but also because being on a campus specifically designed for students in the Deaf community made me think a lot about accessibility and intersectionalism in faith communities. I also really enjoyed the break-out sessions and speaking with presenters afterwards. Though the summit wasn’t as clearly-defined as I thought it would be, I found it really enriching, and it left me with a few things to mull over once I got back.

Interfaith Matters: My Experience at #PICSCC

I wasn’t back at Wellesley for long, though; on Thursday morning, I flew out to Chicago for the Why Christian conference. I came a day early so that I could explore the city and meet a few different people, but also, to be frank, because my plane ticket was $100 cheaper if I flew on Thursday instead of Friday!

Chicago has been phenomenal so far. First off was a meeting at the Interfaith Youth Core headquarters, where I got to learn a little more about IFYC’s programs and meet just a few of the people who make them happen. IFYC is a non-profit seeking to normalize interfaith collaboration, especially on college campuses. Wellesley recently started working with them, and since interfaith work is close to my heart, after I met a few IFYC representatives at the summit, I was excited to go visit them in Chicago!

Next, I went to the University of Chicago to sit in on a class and meet with a professor. Though the class was an introductory one for undergraduates, I really liked being able to get a feel for the University of Chicago campus and classes. I’m still not sure when and where I want to go to graduate school, but I’m keeping an eye out.


I spent the evening walking around the city and then went to bed early! The next morning, I woke up at 6 AM so I could go see the bean before it would be too crowded. It was, to my surprise, really beautiful, and I loved the stillness of being at such a touristy place at a surprisingly quiet moment.

Since then, I’ve been busy at the Why Christian conference, which I’ll probably be doing a write-up of soon!

I love and miss you and I’m so excited to hear about your adventures in Denmark and beyond. Stay radiant, Shannon!

Love and Liefs,


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