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I love meeting new people! Want to reach out to talk about college, blogging, business, or life in general? Please reach out to While I do read every email I get, I cannot respond to each one. Thank you for understanding!

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  • Sara! I am a new reader of your blog and I just wanted to let you know that I love it. I love the layout and the colors you use and I also love your posts! They are so inspirational. I really like your college posts and I find they are super helpful! I am excited about using them for my second semester of college! I am sorry to hear that your boyfriend was diagnosed with MS. I will be praying for you both!

  • Hi Sara! I currently changed majors, and am trying to recreate my resume. I was wondering if you can write a post on how to write the perfect resume!

  • Hi Sara,
    It is quite likely you already know this, but in light of some family friends completely missing something of the same nature, I’ll still ask:
    It seems “Laughed” is in fact your last name. Did you ever pick up on the significance of your name being “Sara Laughed”? Like from Genesis 18?
    If that was intentional, cool! If not, I still wonder what this speaks of your legacy with the Lord who was faithful to that Sarah too.


  • My son is struggling in his first year in college and I would love to purchase your ebook for him to read. However, I cannot find it anywhere to buy. HELP!!!

  • Hi Sara!
    I love your blog and I am considering starting my own! I was wondering what camera you used for your blog, or if you recommend any cameras for (very) beginner bloggers?

  • Hi Sara!
    My name is Katie and about a year ago I downloaded your free “Time Management Diagnosis” sheet and I absolutely loved it! But I messed up my last one and I didn’t make a copy of it 🙁
    I went to your free library and it’s not there anymore. Do you happen to still have one and if so is there any way I can have it?
    I love your blog and all of the helpful college motivation/planning stuff you provide!
    Thank you!
    Katie 🙂

  • Sara,

    I really love you site & all your wonderful content!

    In one of your posts, you talk about your new apartment (and decorating it), and you mentioned you “lost” several aparments before you got yours. So, I was wondering, did you rent or buy, and what factored into this decision, and what the process was like? Since you do a lot of content about “adulting”, I would love to read a post – if you’re interested in writing one, of course – about home ownership versus renting, and your thoughts on this topic.

    XX and lots of greetings from Austria, Magdalena

    PS Best of luck for your wedding!

  • Hi Sara. Was looking at your blog and it talked about journaling bible studies. I tried to subscribe but i wasnt able. Are these bible studi es no lo nger available? I was most i terested in the esther bible study ftom 2015.