How to Use Transparent Sheets in Your Journaling Bible

I love Bible journaling. I’ve written about it before on this blog, and am also part of a Facebook group where people share their sketches and creations to inspire each other. It is through that community that I became inspired to use transparent projector sheets in my Bible. I don’t feel comfortable covering up the actual words of the Bible with pen or marker, but the transparent sheets allow me to get creative without impeding my ability to do Bible study on that page later.

How to use transparent sheets in your journaling Bible! - Sara LaughedBible Journaling Esther, inspired by lettering from She Reads Truth

Ā I like to use the sheets to do lettering, or to print paintings that I can lay over the text. Today I’ll be showing you how! This is how to use transparent sheets in your journaling Bible.

How to use transparent sheets in your journaling Bible! - Sara LaughedHow to use transparent sheets in your journaling Bible

How to use transparent sheets in your journaling Bible! - Sara LaughedBible journaling Philippians, inspired by She Reads Truth

Here are the tools you will need:

  • Transparent projector sheets (I use these, which can be used for both writing and printing.)
  • Scissors
  • Sharpies in any color you like
  • A Bible
  • Tape – I prefer washi, because it peels on and off the page easily without damaging it

First, cut your sheets to size. Slip one of your projector sheets between two pages of your Bible and then use your scissors to cut the outline of the pages. Cut off about one centimeter from the binding-side so that you have enough room for the tape later. From now on, you can use that sheet as a template for the others, so you don’t risk cutting your Bible pages!

Next, take one of your sheets and get creative! You can either do the lettering yourself by hand, or if you’re not confident enough, trace a design you like. For this example, I’ll be tracing so you can see how I make some of my examples. She Reads Truth’s Instagram account is great for lettering inspiration, or you can search “Bible art lettering” in Google Images. Print out what you would like to use, and then take two small pieces of washi tape to secure your transparent sheet over the printed example.

How to use transparent sheets in your journaling Bible! - Sara Laughed

Now use your sharpies to outline and fill the letters you like. Here, I used the purple Sharpie for the letters, and the silver Sharpie for the swirls around the design.

How to use transparent sheets in your journaling Bible! - Sara Laughed

When you’re done, reuse the washi tape strips to tape your sheet into your Bible!

How to use transparent sheets in your journaling Bible! - Sara Laughed

You can also print on the transparent sheets. Below, I printed a painting of Mary and Jesus and taped it over the beginning of the Gospel of Luke.

How to use transparent sheets in your journaling Bible! - Sara Laughed

Not all transparent sheets can be printed on, so make sure the ones you buy are printer-friendly!

That’s it! Super easy, and the results are often beautiful. Enjoy!

Author: Sara Laughed

I'm Sara, a writer, recent grad, and American abroad. I graduated from college in December and promptly moved to the Netherlands, where I live with my boyfriend and our 11 plants. Follow along as I figure out my roaring twenties: I don't quite know what I'm doing, but that's not stopping me from writing about it!

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  • Wow this is such a good idea! I’m actually really bad at art, but have always wanted to art journal so this seems like a great idea! :)If you don’t mind me asking, what is the facebook group you are a part of for art journalling?

    • Hi Anna! Thank you for commenting! I am no artist either, but I really enjoy this as a creative outlet. As Anne said above, the group is called Journaling Bible Community1

  • i LOVE this!!!! I see all the Bible journaling going on – and like you I didn’t want to color in my pages – this is GENIUS girl! I’m pinning this <3 I'm a horrid artist, but looking into taking a calligraphy class haha

  • The Facebook group is Journaling Bible Community, it just reached 10,000 members and it is awesome. It was started by Shanna Noel of

  • I love this idea!! I’ve seen all the Bible journaling too and while I love the idea – I was hesitant about covering up words. I already write in my Bible & take notes, but not to cover up words. This is such a great idea – thanks for sharing!

  • I love this! I just got a journaling bible and am going to get supplies to start bible art/journaling today; I’ve been worried about messing up pages so I couldn’t read them, so this is perfect! Thanks and happy new year. šŸ™‚

  • Love this idea so much! Totally agree, I don’t want to cover everything up because then I won’t be able to read it again! What a great idea, thank you!

  • This is really awesome. I have a journaling Bible that I don’t mind writing and drawing in but this could be a fun addition (especially since I’m not that confident in my ability yet). Thanks for the idea!

  • After weeks of saying, “No. I don’t think this is for me.” I’m saying’yes!”. I ordered my Bible, and have a few supplies, and am excited to get going. Let’s see what God shows me now!!! Thanks so much for your input and ideas and your willing heart.

  • I just recently used my printer to print an image for my Bible Journaling. After a little bit of trial and error, I got it to work! It was so worth it!

  • I LOVE art, so when I saw this whole “Bible journaling” thing, I knew I had to try it. I love seeing how it helps Scripture just come alive! What a great idea to use transparent sheets – never seen it before and will definitely be trying my hand at it soon!!

  • Hi Sara!
    I’m such a huge fan of your blog, and when I saw this post I was delighted to find out one of my favourite bloggers is a Christian. Super Cool!
    Thanks for the inspiration! I’m new to bible journaling and recently purchased transparent sheets for a sculpture I’m making.
    very excited to start journaling.
    Keep on keeping on!
    lots of love and support all the way from South Africa. many people here are praying for you and your Netherlands adventure.

  • LOVE,LOVE, LOVE…… I don’t have a journaling Bible: I’d rather use my regular Bible. I have very little margins that I can use and I’d rather not cover up too much of the words. This is perfect!!!
    That you for sharing!!!!

  • What a breathe of fresh air u r to me. I’d love to follow along and follow ur younger mind. I love journaling in anything. I’m journaling in a bible for my grandkids. Thanks for the great ideas. Can’t wait to try them