Advent Illustrated Weekly Round-Up // Week 1

One of the biggest joys of this year has been seeing the Advent Illustrated project flourish and grow. My favorite part by far is seeing everyone’s artwork in the Facebook group and on Instagram. People from all denominations, walks of life, and artistic abilities are coming together to share their work and meditations on the daily readings. Best of all is seeing the different interpretations of each verse. There are common themes, but each person brings their own vision to the table.

Today I’m sharing my first weekly round-up on Advent Illustrated. I’ll be including each day’s verse and a few of my favorite pieces from that day. With over 2,000 people participating, there is no way for me to include everyone’s art – though I wish I could! This is not meant to be a popularity contest or a showcase of artistic skill (though all the work in the group is beautiful). Rather, I’m trying to show a range of different interpretations of the same verses from each day. To see more, join the Facebook group!

This Advent Illustrated post, along with all my other Bible journaling content, has moved to Seasons Illustrated. To read the rest of this post, please click here. To read more about Advent Illustrated, please click here.

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