Hey friends! Today’s post is part of my Currently series, where I update you on what I’m doing in my life right now. Currently, I am…

Currently // 3 - Sara Laughed

Living in // Oxford, for all of ten more days. (Cue my enormous panic over HOW I’LL GET IT ALL DONE.)

Reading // Tons of articles on blogging. The observant reader may have noticed that I’ve been fiddling with my design a lot lately, after reading a few articles about good and bad blog layouts. I can read enough about blogging to psych myself out sometimes; in the end, I think the important thing is that I’m happy with what I’m putting out there, and that it is actually helping people.

Listening to // Emma Trapp’s cover of Cherry Wine. Beautiful.

Studying // Topics in modern Jewish society for my final essay of the term!

Eating // Honestly? Cold pizza from last night. That’s college, folks.

Drinking // Peppermint tea. It soothes the soul.

Currently // 3 - Sara Laughed

Grateful for // A wonderful weekend away with Ken in the Netherlands. It was so wonderful to see him again after months apart. I am so incredibly grateful for our relationship these days, when the rest of my life can feel quite hectic! He’s also been really supportive as I obsess over blogging lately, and I am grateful for that, too.

What are you up to this week?

Love, Sara Laughed

Sara Laughed

Hey hey! I'm Sara, an American writer living in the Netherlands and working as a product manager.

  1. Melanie Lifessweetwords says:

    I love peppermint tea too! And can also psyche myself out with all their is to read up on for bloggers. Just give yourself time and grace to take things as they come. I love the look of your blog and am excited to peek around more!

  2. Kristen T. says:

    Hi Sara,
    Really looking forward to seeing you when you head back our way. We need some good catch up time, laughs, and just being together. Safe travels. Good luck with the end of the semester. You’ll find a way to get it all done. Big hugs. Miss you.

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