Ken and Sara

The Last Stretch

My boyfriend Ken and I have been together for four and a half years. Our love story is kind of ridiculous: we were in fourth grade together, and even have a class photo from that year (my eyes are closed. His mouth is open). We spent the next decade or so apart, and met again in my gap year, just a week before I was scheduled to return to the United States. Our first kiss was under a weeping willow tree next to a canal, well past midnight. Three days later, I rebooked my ticket to extend my stay. The rest is history.

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The Start of Something New // Love and Liefs

Dear Shannon,

Happy launch day! I’m so excited to be beginning this new project with you! There are so many changes coming up right now for both of us: you’re about to move internationally for the first time, going to Amsterdam for your semester abroad, and I’m about to start my last semester at Wellesley before moving in with my boyfriend in Leiden. Between all those firsts and lasts, we’ll be sharing our stories and adventures together in a new series, Love & Liefs, on both our blogs. I can’t wait!

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Flower crown DIY tutorial: make your own beautiful flower crowns, with tutorial and tips by an Etsy pro!

Flower Crown DIY Tutorial: How to Make Your Own Flower Crowns

I’ve been making flower crowns since I was 16, and selling them on Etsy since I was 19. As hard as it is for me to believe, that’s seven years of doing my flower crown DIY thing! I’ve gone through phases where I wore a flower crown every day (yes, even to class), and phases where I didn’t pick one up for months. Now, after many years of wearing and selling flower crowns, and many, many hours of designing and creating them, I’m sharing my process, so that you too can make beautiful flower crowns yourself! Read on to learn how to make a flower crown DIY!

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Thoughts on Twenty-Three

I turned twenty-three on Friday. I woke up in Providence, Rhode Island, in a hotel bedroom overlooking the city. I had breakfast with my wonderful friend Kate, and we talked about politics, apartments, and the new preview of Gilmore Girls. Together, we walked to Providence Station, and I boarded my train home by way of New York. Let me tell you: that train ride changed my life in ways that I could never have expected, and probably will not fully understand for a while. But before I get to why, please indulge me for a minute.

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