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Sara Laughed is a blog about spreading joy, enjoying life, and making the world a little better every day.

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This is a place for students and recent grads come for advice and inspiration. If you have passion, some gumption, and a desire to live life to the fullest, you’ll feel right at home here. If you’re a little lost and you’re not sure which way is up, this place is for you, too. There’s a seat for everyone.

What is Joyful Living?

One of the major things that I focus on here at Sara Laughed is joyful living. To me, that means:

  1. Living a life that brings you joy. The kind that takes up space in your heart and doesn’t go away even when it rains and you just wore through the soles of your favorite boots. Everyone’s process to joy is different, but mine involves healthy routines, a loving community, and a dash of adventure. On this blog, you’ll find resources for how to add rich, deep joy to your own life.
  2. Living a life that brings joy to others. Like a bar of chocolate or a cozy afternoon in, joy is best shared with others. Whether you want to be a better friend or a more thoughtful person, I’m there with you. Let’s figure it out together.
  3. Living a life that’s good for the world. Whether it’s through conscious consumerism or charity drives, giving back not just to others, but to the greater good, is an integral part of joyful living. There’s resources for that, too!

Best Of Joyful Living

Here are some of my favorite posts from the joyful living section!

Best of College Resources

And here are some of the most popular posts in my college cagagory. These posts have been read over 1,000,000 times!

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  • The College Motivation Worksheet Packet
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    This 10-page workbook is chock-full of worksheets, guidance, and thoughtful questions to help you overcome perfectionism!
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